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Hose Assemblies


Crimpers: The GC96 crimper is the latest addition to the complete line of industrial and hydraulic products from Gates. It is a leak-free, factory-quality solution for the most demanding industrial hose assemblies. Each part of the Gates hose system, be it the tube or the reinforcement or the cover, is meticulously designed to provide optimal performance. The Crimper is capable of crimping up to 6” ID industrial hoses. The larger crimper head allows industrial hose assemblies to be made with a variety of terminations using crimpable ferrules and sleeves. The GC96 crimper increases the end user's crimping capacity; in conjunction with optional spacer dies and GC32-XD™ dies, it can also be used to make most hydraulic hose assemblies. Moreover, it automatically converts any local electrical input (208 to 264 volts, three phase) into a compatible power source.

Standard crimpers put a taper on the finished crimp. It cannot be avoided due to their annular head design. When they crimp, their piston bows and their dies wobble, and that puts the taper on the assembly. The GC96 crimper, with the Gates' exclusive cloverleaf design, actually reinforces the piston as the pump applies pressure. There is no bowing or wobbling; the result is a stronger assembly with not a hint of taper.

Technical Specifications

Model Number: GC96
Product Number: 7480-9001
Crimping Force: Uprated to 350 Tons
   - 1/4"–2" Industrial and Hydraulic Hose
   - 2-1/2"–4" Industrial Hose
   - 5"–6" Industrial Hose (up to 100 psi WP)
Motor: Five Horsepower
Pump: Two-Stage
Power Source:
   - 208–264 Volts
   - 46–65 Hz
   - One- or Three-Phase, 20 Amps
   - Electrical Inverter for Worldwide Use
Dimensions: 31" High x 32" Wide x 16" Deep
Weight: 650 Pounds
Warranty: Two Years


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